It´s happening....

One big step for our future... our own stable!!! :D

If things go well we'll move in January.

Building a new stable!!! :D

We are so excited about the future in our very own stable close to Akranes.

This is a big step and we are looking forward to Autumn 2021 when we hopefully can move in.

Close to the stabe will be a big ridinghall, an ovaltrack and riding tracks close to the ocean! :-)

Draumhestar Logo

Many thanks to Eva Frischling who designed this beautiful logo for us!

Meet Fjölnir, our last foal this year!

Fjölnir is out of our Fjödur frá Einhamri and the amazing Adrian frá Gardshorni, who has 9,5 for tölt!!! 

This energetic, little guy is super pretty, like his parents, and shows a lot of speed in his gaits. 

Fengur and Lea frá Stóra-Adalskardi are born!

Fengur (Díana x Kveikur frá Stangarlæk I) was born 13th of May and Lea (Gæfa x Veigar frá Skipaskaga) 15th of May.

Both of them are full of tölt and pace and they are sooo pretty, we couldn´t be happier! :)

Kjalar - Our first foal is born! :D

This is our newest family member Kjalar frá Stóra-Adalskardi! 

Kjalars father is no one else than the amazing Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli and his mother is our Klara.

Wintershootings with Katla Fotografie

It´s always fun when Carolin from Katla Fotografie is taking professional pictures of our horses and salehorses.

Great pictures - great memories! 

Carolin is available on Iceland, contact her for a professional shooting with your horse, dog or cat.

All our foals are born :D

Aría and Aris are born :)

Our first two foals of 2019 are born!

Díana got a black mare and Klara a red stallion with a star (again ;) ). Both are from the amazing Skaginn frá Skipaskaga.

Autumn 2018 in Iceland :)

Sattelkompass reseller :D

Since February 2018, we are reseller for the high quality equipment from Sattellkompass in Iceland! 


Please contact us if you want to try these amazing saddles. 


Click on the picture to see all products. 



Winter in Iceland

Summer 2018 in Iceland - Draumhestar Ridintours

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