icelandic horses for sale / söluhross / Verkaufspferde aus Island

Take your time and check on our salehorses! We have all kinds of horses for sale. :-) Please contact us when you are interested or if we can help you searching for your dream horse in iceland! we speak german, english and icelandic.

Nehmen sie sich Zeit beim stöbern durch unser verkaufspferde Angebot. bei interesse an einem unserer Verkaufspferde, schreiben sie uns eine email ( oder rufen sie uns an (+3548985569). wir helfen ihnen auch gerne bei der suche nach ihrem traumpferd auf island.

Pæja - the powerful fivegaiter

Pæja *2012


F: Stimpill frá Vatni (8,35)

FF: Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum

M: Kolka frá Langárfossi 


Pæja is a very interesting fivegaited mare with well separated gaits, good movements and a lot of energy, which makes it so much fun to ride her.

Due to her energy she is not for beginners or insecure riders, but she is easy to control for experienced riders, also in big groups or stormy icelandic weather. ;)

She has a lot of potential and is just waiting for someone who has fun to work with her, support her and make a great competition horse out of her.


SOLD! Assa - young mare for competition and breeding, BLUP 118

Assa *2014


F: Álfarinn frá Sydri-Gegnishólum (8,65)

M: Sól frá Audsholtshjáleigu (7,91)


Assa is still very young but is carrying a lot of potential. She is fivegaited with very good and even gaits, she walks like a boss, has very good tölt, is dancing in trot, has a fine gallop and promising pace with very good speed. If you are looking for futurestar in fivegait you should check out Assa.

X-factor stallion prospect! F: Frami frá Ketilsstödum

Sirius *2019

F: Frami frá Ketilsstödum (Landsmótwinner B-Flokkur 2018)

M: Maisól frá Vidistödum 8,0

MF: Thóroddur frá Thóroddsstödum 8,74


Sirius is a very exciting young stallion with elastic movements which loves to show off.

On top is his pedigree really royal and promising.



Sær frá Bakkakoti daughter

Ugla *2012 


F: Sær fra Bakkakoti (honorpriced for offsprings)

M: Dama frá Vestri- Leirárgördum (1. price)


Ugla is a 5gaited mare with clean beated gaits, very good leg action and a lot of potential.

It´s a lot of fun to ride her and she will be a great competition and/or breeding horse in the future.

Stallion foal from Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1

Born 2019, buckskin maybe getting grey

F: Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1

M: Embla frá Akranesi

MF: Flygill frá Vestri- Leirárgördum


This super nice stallion foal, with beautiful colour and very good pedigree is for sale.

He shows all gaits with nice movements and is very friendly and kind. 

His father Kveikur is an amazing stallion, with the highest judgement a fourgaited stallion ever got.

His mother is a great riding horse with an unique character and clear beated and fast gaits.


Don´t hestitate to contact us when you are interested in this special guy! :)

Bella - amazing character and gaits

Bella *2011


F: Hrafnar frá Audshóltshjáleigu (8,46)

FF: Aron frá Strandarhöfdi

MF: Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum


No one is perfect, but Bella is... She has probably the sweetest character you can find, is light willing, very soft in the bit and has very good gaits with beautiful movements. Bella is for her age not much trained but would suit almost every rider. She is the perfect if you are looking for a horse, which can be a very good competition horse, a relaxing pleasure horse to ride out with AND a super cool breeding mare.

Don´t miss this opportunity!!!

Young mare with great bloodline

Næla *2017


M: Trú frá Kálfholti 7,67

MM: Tinna frá Kálfholti 8,19

MF: Orri frá Thufu (honorpriced for offsprings)

F: Gyrdir frá Einhamri 8,45

FM: Gusta frá Litla-Kambi (1. price mare with honor price for offsprings!)


Næla is a sweet, young mare with great pedigree. Amazing horses like Orri, Gustur f. Hóli, Krákur f. Blesasstödum and Vidar f. Vidvík are filling her familytree. 

Næla is clearly 5gaited and shows all gaits while running free outside. She is very easy to handle and super friendly.

Her mother has given very pretty horses, with a lot of power and great character. 

Three of her siblings are judged with good marks and all of them received 1. price for building.


Price: 2900 €

She could stay with us until beginning of Dezember.

SOLD!!! Lukku-Láki daughter - 8,70 for building!

This mare is a real beauty with 8,70 for building!!!

This is a great opportunity to buy a great mare for breeding and competition.


Please contact us for further informations.  :)

Stallionprospect, f: Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1

This young guy has a bright future!

His father is no one else than the highest judged 4gaiter in the world, Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1.

His mother has given very good horses with great character, willingness and high leg action and  four of them are judged 1. price (you can see them in the pictures).


Owning this beautiful stallion foal is like winning the lottery jackpot!!!

SOLD/ VERKAUFT! Silverdapple mare with good breeding judgement!

Elding *2010



Conformation: 8,07

Neck, withers: 8,5

back: 8,5

proportions: 8,5

legs: 8,0

hooves: 8,0


Tölt: 8,0

trot: 8,5

gallop: 8,5

walk: 8,5

spirit: 8,0


Elding is just GREAT! Not enough that she has this beautiful colour, she is also judged in 1.price for building and has really good marks for her ridden abilities. 

Elding has very good and clean beated tölt, easy to ride and with good movements, her trot has very good speed range and also her walk is very good.

Her gaits are so well separated and easy to ride, that makes her a great horse for pleasure, competition and breeding with great colour. 

Elding has medium willingness and great mind, but she is not for total beginners or insecure riders.

Sweet fourgaited mare for lighter competitions

Komma *2008



ca. 1,40m


f: Fengur frá Saudárkróki

m: Tvístjarna frá Thorsteinsstödum

You can describe Komma with just one word, SWEETHEART!

Komma has a very sweet mind and loves to be around  people. She is very smart and a great pleasure horse with four well separated gaits with good movements. Her ground gaits have very good speed, her tölt is best in slow and calm speed, so she would als fit for smaller competitions like V5, T8 or T7. Komma is light on the reins and reacts on little signs from the legs and seat. 


sweet young gelding, 5gaited and friendly

Herbert *2016


Herbert is a very friendly and curious guy, he is easy to handle and shows all gaits.

We think he will be a great riding horse later and he could also fit for smaller competitions.


Price: 170.000 ISK

Pétur *2016 !low price!

Pétur is a super sweet grey gelding who will turn white very slow.

He has a super cute character, is easy to handle and a quick learner. :) 
On the field he runs mostly in tölt and trot with nice movements. We think he is 5gaited. 
Pétur is quite tall with strong legs. 
Price: 750€