Icelandic horses for sale / söluhross / Verkaufspferde aus Island

Take your time and check on our salehorses! We have all kinds of horses for sale. :-) Please contact us when you are interested or if we can help you searching for your dream horse in iceland! we speak german, english and icelandic.

Nehmen sie sich Zeit beim Stöbern durch unser Verkaufspferdeangebot. Bei Interesse an einem unserer Verkaufspferde, schreiben sie uns eine email auf Wir helfen ihnen auch gerne bei der Suche nach ihrem Traumpferd auf Island.


Ljomi *2021

 light buckskin


F: Ísak frá Þjórsárbakka 

(1. Price with 9,5 for neck and tölt)

M: Embla frá Akranesi (t: 7,50)

MF: Flygill f. Vestri-Leirárgörðum 

(1.price with 9,5 for trot and character)


Ljómi is a friendly and fun character, with super good pedigree, beautiful color and good building. 

He is 5gaited and will be a very cool riding- and/or competition horse one day!!!! 


His father Ísak is one of the most beautiful stallions on Iceland with super good tölt.

The mother of Ljómi, Embla, has the best character ever and is a great ridinghorse, who has given good looking horses with super nice  gaits and character!!! 



Ylfa *2014

red with a star

F: Ölnir frá Akranesi - t: 8,82, 2x Landsmótwinner and 1. prize for offsprings

M: Brúda frá Vestri-Leirárgördum

MF: Galdur frá Laugarvatni - t: 8,27, 1. prize for offsprings


Ylfa is a super sweet mare, well build and good looking.

She is well raised and looks super good under the rider.

For her age Ylfa is quite little trained but shows promising gaits, well seperated with nice movements.

With a little bit more training, Ylfa will be great for competition or for pleasure riding.

Due to her good pedigree she could also be a good breedingmare.


Her father, Ölnir, is a highly evaluated Gædingur and won Landsmót 2 times in his class.

Her mother, Brúda, is also the mother to Vár frá Vestri-Leirárgördum. Vár is a high class breedingmare, who has given, for example, the worldchampion Narri frá Vestri-Leirárgördum!







Stallion from Kveikur frá Stangarlæk I and a 1. prize mare



F: KVEIKUR FRÁ STANGARLÆK I (the highest judged 4gaited stallion in the world)


This young guy has a bright future!

His father is no one else than the highest judged 4gaiter in the world, Kveikur frá Stangarlæk 1.

His mother has given very good horses with great character, willingness and high leg action and  four of them are judged 1. price (you can see them in the pictures), one has allready received honor prize for offsprings.


Owning this beautiful stallion is like winning the lottery jackpot!!!

Stallion *2021 sired by Blakkur frá Þykkvabæ!

We have no stallion space so unfortunately I have to sell this super exciting stallion foal…

The father of Baldur is no one else then the super fourgaiter, Blakkur frá Þykkvabæ, who has fx 9,5! for tölt. 
Blakkur is a son of one of Iceland’s best fivegaiters and Landsmót winner, Hrannar frá Flugumýri. His grandfathers from the mother side is Þokki frá Kýrholti, in my opinion one of the most amazinghorses ever! :) 

The mother of Baldur is Fjöður frá Einhamri 2.
A good looking and powerful mare with high movements. 
Fjöður is sired by the fourgaited Mídas frá Kaldbak, who has recieved 9,5! for tölt, too.

Baldur himself is curious but keeps still distance and he shows LOTS of tölt with very good movements. 
At all a very interesting stallion foal with great pedigree and talent!!! 

Mrs. Curious: Blessun *2021

Red, no markings, BLUP 116 (120! for building)

Blessun is a super curious and fun filly, always the first to welcome us on the field. 
She is well build, with strong legs, good top line and big, beautiful eyes. 
Blessun shows a lot of tölt and trot with very good movements. 
Her pedigree:

M: Trú f. Kálfholti  t: 7,67
MM: Tinna frá Kálfholti🥇
MF: Orri f. Þúfu🥇🏆

F: Ísak f. Þjórsárbakka🥇 9,5 for neck and tölt!
FM: Elding f. Hóli🥇
FF: Herkúles f. Ragnheiðarstöðum🥇🏆 

P: 4000€